Take the guesswork out of math intervention

SpringMath strategizes the intervention approach and provides the materials so teachers can focus on delivering instruction.

SpringMath equips teachers to lead highly efficient, classwide math interventions and leverages paired learning to lift all students and build enduring mastery and mathematical confidence.

 “The confidence that the students gain — not only in their math, but just in themselves. Confidence is contagious.”
–Jessica Rocheleau, second grade teacher, Pioneer Elementary

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Save time

SpringMath’s unique, gated approach to math assessment saves teachers time by providing clear results on what skills a student has and hasn’t acquired. SpringMath provides the speed of curriculum-based measurement as well as the sensitivity to growth of specific-skill mastery assessment.

From the very first log in, SpringMath guides educators through each step: from screening to skill mastery in about 15 minutes per day.

With SpringMath, teachers can:

  • Diagnose individual and classwide needs with universal screenings

  • Target student and classwide needs with scripted, teacher-led interventions

  • Monitor progress of skills being taught

  • Align teams with coaching tools to best work together

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“The reason I like SpringMath is because the students are able to learn from each other — it’s a partnership."

– Jessica Rocheleau, Pioneer Elementary, 2nd grade teacher

Simplify intervention

For both classwide and individual intervention, SpringMath guides teachers step-by-step. All intervention packets are dynamically generated as they are needed to ensure they match current skill development, and include all materials necessary for effective intervention.

SpringMath's proprietary decision rules direct instructional decisions, speeding up student growth. SpringMath helps educators avoid two of the most common causes of intervention failure: choosing the wrong intervention and failing to use the intervention.

SpringMath simplifies intervention delivery by: 

  • Minimizing alternative causes of low mathematics performance 

  • Using assessment data to select the right intervention for the child 

  • Delivering to the teacher all needed materials to conduct the intervention in just 15 minutes per day

These tools set SpringMath apart from other math achievement solutions

Spend more time teaching grade-level concepts

“Students retain concepts instead of slipping to the next grade without knowing certain concepts. That means that I don’t have to take an entire class period to teach or reteach a topic, because it’s something they already know or are at least familiar with."
– Tom Feltman, fifth grade teacher

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SpringMath is built on more than 20 years of research