What the research shows

SpringMath is a comprehensive MTSS/RTI math system based on breakthrough empirical research that deploys a model proven to improve math outcomes in an easy-to-implement, equitable, and cost-effective manner.

SpringMath benefits from research conducted by its author, Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden, as well as other respected scholars in education and psychology.

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Research-based, valid, and reliable math achievement

Twenty years of academic research has shown that SpringMath produces equitable achievement and significantly decreases the performance gap.

SpringMath uniquely equips districts for accelerated student math achievement.

  • Mastery measures* — closely connected to grade-level content — are powerful success predictors. Learn more about how mastery measurement works in math MTSS > 
  • Classwide interventions rapidly drive achievement for all students, and pinpoint those in need of intensive intervention. Learn more about classwide intervention here >
  • Evidence-based interventions are proven to significantly impact student learning
  • Intervention packets align to student needs and include conceptual understanding activities. See how SpringMath provides the right material at the right time >
  • Progress monitoring shows student-, class-, and system-level growth in actionable, sharable graphs and summaries. See how SpringMath provides both teachers and data teams the information they need to succeed >
  • Integrated implementation science removes barriers that often cause MTSS systems to fail

*only available through SpringMath, patent-pending

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