Change is about people, not products.

The people we serve are at the center of every engagement — and that makes all the difference. It’s a unique method which combines our user-focused approach with a proven process for successful change management. 

What does this mean for you? The SpringMath team is here to get you up and running and is committed to your ongoing success. We work hand-in-hand with schools to ensure teachers feel comfortable and confident using SpringMath, resulting in a true team effort that sets districts up for long-term success. 

Our unique implementation approach is centered on building true partnerships with districts, establishing a shared vision, defining roles and responsibilities, reviewing current student data, and discussing ways to use SpringMath student data to help drive classroom instructional decisions.

Enabling Conditions Implementation graphic

Onboarding Advantage

The SpringMath Onboarding Advantage begins with a successful implementation framework delivered by our experienced implementation staff. Guiding your team from initial implementation planning through your go-live date, our experts ensure you are confident and have the resources you need to implement SpringMath with fidelity.

Ongoing Advantage

Our SpringMath Ongoing Advantage ensures your continued success using SpringMath. Our experienced consultants and coaches are available to your team both onsite and virtually. We also check-in with you to evaluate progress and share successes of your implementation along the way.

The Ongoing Advantage includes:

  • data consultation and support throughout the school year to ensure a robust implementation and strong outcomes.

  • high-touch consultation with month-by-month support for customers who want to pilot or phase in SpringMath and/or supplement their coaching resources.

Even the smallest questions are answered very quickly. I can rely on SpringMath’s team to send a helpful response, and they always ask if there’s anything else they can do to support me.”

- Carolyn Teichner, Columbia Heights Second Grade Teacher

“We recommend SpringMath because it’s research-based and easy to use. All of the materials a teacher needs are included. In addition, the support provided during and after implementation has proven to be invaluable. We truly feel like our district is set up for long-term success.”

- Jen Hauswirth, Columbia Heights Technology Integration Specialist

Our experts can help you design a math achievement program for your school.